Thoughts on ‘Ring my Bell’ by Girl’s Day

The creative process

“What should we do for the video?”

“Shall we dye Sojin’s hair a tatty bleached blonde?”


“I like it, how about we style Hyeri so she looks fourteen years old?”


“Nice, but I feel like we’re missing something.”

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Interpark are shit

They’re fucking shit.



[Lim] wtf

And then the final 2 seats (from a starting number of several hundred) sold out. Not once in 20 minutes, across 4 different web browsers and 3 machines, did I see anything on the seat map (which, by the way, was just a jpeg, clicking on it did fuck all) that was not white. I gazed upon a sea of white, and saw no seats, and then they sold out.

Fuck Interpark.

[Review] SISTAR(씨스타) ‘I Like That’

I’m going to get the obvious joke out of the way first – I like that. “Omo, Kimchi-Oppa you’re so original with your jokes,” I hear you say. First off, don’t say “Omo” or write it (unless you’re Korean) because you’re not Korean, shut up. Second, do call me Oppa Continue reading “[Review] SISTAR(씨스타) ‘I Like That’”

Brave Brothers (ft. Brave Brothers)


If Brave Brothers is just one man, why the plural? Is he a split personality a la Tyler Durden?

When Brave Brothers has his morning shit, does he say “Brave-uh Sound drop it” just before he lets rip?

Does Brave Brothers own shares in a company that manufactures airhorns?


If Brave Brothers met JYP, would they just keep saying their own names to each other in some sort of infinite feedback loop?

If he thought he could get away with it, would Brave Brothers release this with a straight face?

RIP 4Minute, 2009-2016 (Part 3: Bargaining, ‘Mirror, Mirror’ (거울아거울아))

I can’t figure out how to make ‘bargaining’ work within the thematic framework I rather stupidly set myself for this series of posts, so I’m bargaining with you now to just be chill about it, and try and imagine it’s there. See? Problem solved, motherfuckers.

Reddit user Taengoosundies requested we take a look at this one in our retrospective/obituary of 4Minute, and I can’t blame him because it is a FUCKING JAM and they all look hotter than the surface of the God damn sun in what I’d imagine were supremely uncomfortable and wildly impractical outfits.

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[Review][Limpost] AOA 크림(CREAM) 질투 나요 BABY(I’m Jelly BABY): Super Mormon Aegyo Force

KCMF’s note: This was written by my Korean co-contributor Lim. I’ve done my best to retain the original spirit of his writing while cleaning up the English a little, but not too much, because you know what he means. I have also added my own notes and observations, as well as a lot of redactions.


Though nobody cared for their debut except for Ajussi fans who like to diddle doodle to 20 something girls wearing barbie doll dresses, I took quite an interest in this group who came out with a theme that’s somewhat WTF and kind of cutesy at the same time.

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The Gospel of JYP and the theological underpinnings of masturbation and K-Pop


I see a lot of people on the Internet complaining about people ‘sexualising Idols’, as if Idols (male or female) are somehow pure, sexless creatures. This is all bullshit, of course, and the same people who say this:


Are often the same people who say this shit:


And as has been noted by Kpopalypse in the past, everyone likes looking at pretty people, male or female, and sometimes they touch their genitals while they do so. This is called ‘being human’, with the exception of asexual people, of course.

However, just because some sex-negative K-Pop fans (of both genders) take issue Continue reading “The Gospel of JYP and the theological underpinnings of masturbation and K-Pop”